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We advise and represent employers and employees judicial and extrajudicial in the field of labour law.

Our law firm offers a comprehensive advisory service. This not only contains excellent advice obtained in all areas of classic labour law, but we are also able to offer beyond interdisciplinary solutions including economic, tax and employment law answers.

Our team has qualified experts who not only have a profound knowledge in individual and collective labour law, but also devote to additional individual areas, particularly:

  • employee inventions
  • occupational health & safety
  • garden leave clauses, non-competition clauses
  • false self-employment
  • termination, termination agreements
  • litigation, conciliation proceedings
  • arbitration and mediation
  • managing contracts, service contracts, employment contracts
  • working time models
  • compensation models
  • stock option plans
  • constitutional law for commerce incl. reconciliation of interests and social plan
  • temporary workers and temporary employment
  • occupational pensions